A Reunion Invitation was sent out in late January inviting those for whom we have email addresses to attend our upcoming June 5-7, 2015 Reunion.  Click HERE to see that invitation which includes a link to the registration form and a link for making any hotel reservations you might need.

Here's a list of who's currently registered to attend:

Hosts:  Rock, Roger and Vickie  .......... HQ/D Company

Adams, Andy & Mildred HQ Company
Allred, James & Carolyn D Company
Alverson, Ralph + Guest HQ/A Company
Appleby, Larry & Mary Kay D Company
Applegate, Larry & Diana A Company
Ayers, Robert HQ Company
Beer, James & Barbara HQ Company
Braddock, Jim & Wife D Company
Brown, Nathan + 3 Guests A/B Company
Burgett, Jack and Bette HQ Company
Cabrera, Jorge C Company
Calloni, Ben & Debbie D Company
Cassity, Billy D Company
Collins, Sophus & Cindy C Company
Cox, Jerry & Patricia HQ Company
Dallmeyer, Tonya ?
Dill, Ed & Nancy B Company
Durbin, Tony & Norma A Company
Ebbing, Jerry & Diane A Company
English, Steven & Barbara A Company
Gasper, James & Karen C Company
Greener, Jay and Lynn HQ Company
Guy, Harold and Linda D Company
Haefner, Mike & Donna HQ Company
Hagmann, Dennis & Esther HQ Company
Harrington, Dave B Company
Harris, Larry & Sharon Apel HQ Company
Hasler, Ben HQ Company
Henry, Wayne and Linda D Company
Hess, Robert ?
Howland, Charles & Barbara HQ Company
Johannes, Richard C Company
Jones, Cecil and Sharalene A Company
Kilday, Dennis and Linda D Company
Lee, Thomas C Company
Maule, Jerry & Norma C Company
Miller, David B Company
Pinksten, William B Company
Poitras, Leo & Shirley HQ/D Company
Reppel, John & Shelley HQ Company
Rethorn, John & Carolyn B Company
Riley, Janice ?
Roberts, Otis D Company
Shultis, Leonard B Company
Simerly, Ken & Pat D Company
Skinner, Ted & Janet HQ Company
Smaglinski, Dan and Linda D Company
Stubblefiels, Bob & Ali HQ Company
Tworek, Adrian HQ Company
Wear, Bob A Company
Wertheim, Darryl and Lil HQ Company
Wilson, Rod + 3 daughters HQ Company
Wittmayer, Charles & Sharon HQ Company
Young, Eddie and Judy D Company
Sandra Davis & Spouse VietNow Spkr
Dennis Parker Sat Night DJ

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