Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Leftovers from the Reunion

In preparing for the Reunion, Roger ordered 75 hats.  We have 28 left over.  If anyone who didn't make the reunion would like to order a hat, we're taking orders.  The price of the hat is $10 and one or more will easily fit in a 'medium' USPS flat-rate priority box which is $10.20.  So if you order more than one, you'll save on postage.

I've also started burning more copies of the DVD movie of all the pictures that was shown during Saturday night's dinner.  I've got a bunch of extra blank DVDs with which to burn copies of the movie, so if you'd like a copy that you can play through your DVD player on your TV, postage cost will be $5.00.  If you'd prefer I send a copy of the movie file as an MPG file that you can play on your PC, just let me know and I can burn that to disk for you as well.  If you order a copy of both, again, you'll save on postage.

Drop us an email at or give Roger a call at 775-623-1029.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Big Thank You Goes Out to John Rowan

Leading up to the reunion, we attempted several times to link up with benefits representatives from the VA-Hospital in Reno, but we were unsuccessful in being able to make those arrangements.  As we began our reunion, we saw that a Regional meeting of the VVA was being conducted in the room next door.  Knowing that VVA has a number of VSOs (Veterans Services Officers) who counsel veterans about their veterans' benefits, we approached a few of their members and asked them to see if they had a VSO who would be willing to walk over to our room and talk briefly about current benefits issues for veterans.  We didn't get just a VSO, John Rowan, the President of VVA, walked in a spent around 30-45 minutes of his time talking about various issues facing veterans and fielding questions.  We can't thank him enough for the courtesy he showed our group in taking the time to share information and answer a number of questions from our members.  We wish John luck in his bid for re-election at the National Convention to be held in Reno in August.

Under John's watch at the VVA, they've created the Veterans Health Council and its new website:  Check out their site to learn more about Vietnam War service-related illnesses or to locate a veterans service officer to help you in filing for benefits.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Author Seeking Help With Biography of Bob Hope

Richard Zoglin is working on a biography of Bob Hope, which he hopes to be the definitive account of Hope's life and work (the publisher in Simon & Schuster), and an important part of the book will deal with his many travels entertaining the troops in Vietnam.

Zoglin is interested in hearing from anyone who was involved in planning and working out the logistics of those Hope tours: i.e., determining where he would go, planning the security, physically getting him and his crew from place to place, etc.

He is also interested in hearing from anyone who has reminiscences of seeing (and perhaps meeting) Hope on those tours. Were they important morale boosters? Or, as the war became more controversial, were there some negative feelings?

If you would like to assist Richard Zoglin by sharing your recollections of Bob Hope in Vietnam, email him at